Personal Data Protection

At, we strive for the most secure website viewing possible. This means that all the necessary steps are taken to prevent any unauthorized interception of data that the user submits exclusively and directly to us. In providing our services, we are bound to comply with the laws and regulations that govern the protection of personal data.

The protection of your privacy is of the utmost concern to us. The collected personal information that you provide through website or by email will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection. We will not sell, lend or otherwise provide your personal data to third parties except in statutory cases. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of the information entered by users in contact forms.

We collect the following data:

  • personal data (name and surname, personal identification number, email address and password that is encrypted and known only to the user),
  • contact information (address, phone number),
  • data and images for ads,
  • data related to your website use and your profile (last viewed ads, your communication with us via contact link, submitted comments and ad ratings),
  • technical data (to ensure security and to provide evidence, your IP addresses, information about your operating system, browser, location and type of the device with which you access our website. With your consent, we also collect data through cookies to provide better functionality, user experience and security, count the number of users on the website and ensure smooth operation of the website. A session cookie for identification and monitoring is assigned to an individual user at the beginning of the website visit. We may also store other cookies on the user’s computer, such as the user identification number in encrypted form (to identify the user at the next visit) and Google Analytics Cookies (analysis of website visits). Session cookies are stored in the server’s memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after an hour of inactivity. Permanent cookies are stored on a visitor’s computer for 2 years, then become inactive).

How we use your data

We use your data:

  • to ensure our legal obligations (keeping financial and business records),
  • to run your ads,
  • for business analysis, monitoring of statistics and visitor’s behaviour, whereby the data used are anonymized.

All data you provide to us will be treated confidentially and will be used only for purposes for which they have been communicated. They will be treated in an appropriate manner and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Data retention length

We will store and process your personal information:

  • to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of processing,
  • as long as it is necessary for advertising,
  • within the limitation period for obligations that might result from the processing of this personal data.

The data obtained on the basis of consent are kept until revocation.

Please help us to protect your personal information by making sure that your username and password are also secure.

The rights of data owners

We provide our users with all support in exercising the rights listed below:

  • on this site we fully inform you of how we use your personal information,
  • you can access all the information we have about you through the Login menu.

We are always at your disposal to exercise your right of correction. We allow you to virtually correct and edit all your personal information yourself by using the functionality of the Login menu.

In certain cases, you may also exercise the right to delete your personal data. If you have registered as a user and have never submitted any ads, we will be able to delete you at your request. If you have advertised with us, please keep in mind that we need to keep your data in accordance with the law. However, in certain cases, you may request a temporary or permanent ban on further processing of your personal data in whole or in part.

If you have a question or a comment regarding the protection of your personal data, we invite you to contact us via the contact form.

Web cookies

Cookies are small files that are uploaded to your computer for the purpose of improving the user experience. The website you visit can use cookies to remember information about your visit. This can make your website visit more useful and easier. Cookies play an important role. Without them, the use of the web would be considerably less enjoyable and helpful.

Cookies help us to provide some services. We use the following online cookies:

Cookie Name
A cookie that allows us to monitor how visitors are browsing through our webpage.
2 years
A cookie that is used to limit the number of Google Analytics hits sent. It does not collect any personal information.
10 minutes
A cookie with a unique randomly generated number that is used to calculate data about visiting our site.
24 hours
cookie notice accepted
A cookie saves your decision to accept or reject tracking cookies.
1 year

You can manage or disable cookies using the settings in your browser. The instructions are located in the »Help« section of your Web browser.

In case you disable cookies, some websites may not work properly for you. More on the use of online cookies under the amended Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1, Official Gazette No. 109/2012).

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