Terms of Use

The online tourist portal bestholidaysincroatia.com (hereinafter referred to as the portal) is owned by BEST HOLIDAYS, Ana Ratešić s.p. (hereinafter referred to as BEST HOLIDAYS).

Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations between BEST HOLIDAYS, the advertisers of tourist offers on the portal and the users of the portal (the user is any person who accesses and has accessed the portal). They define the rules under which the information and services accessible through the portal may be used, and regulate further discussions arising from the use of the portal.

By accessing, viewing or using any information or service available on or through this portal, you acknowledge that you understand these Terms of Use as a legally identical and equally binding as a signed written document and accept those as such. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please stop using the bestholidaysincroatia.com portal.

BEST HOLIDAYS is only an intermediary amongst the advertisers of tourist offers and the users of their services and is not in a business relationship with the end client. The main purpose of the bestholidaysincroatia.com portal and the published content of advertisements is to further promote the tourist offers and to establish direct communication between the advertisers of tourist offers and users of their services, without charging a fee for the customers that the ad client receives through the portal.

The content on the bestholidaysincroatia.com tourist portal is intended to inform users about tourist offers in Croatia directly from the advertisers of tourist offers and are not recommendations for renting services. The information on the portal is published in good faith and to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publishing. Although we regularly review and update published content and strive to ensure the accuracy of the information, the portal owner and the persons involved in the preparation of the content on this portal do not accept any responsibility for incomplete and incorrect information, the consequences that occur in connection with this information, nor for user decisions based on the content of bestholidaysincroatia.com. Each user should verify the accuracy and of the information directly with the advertiser of the tourist offer. The ad client (the advertiser of a tourist offer) is responsible for the accuracy of the information in each advertisement. The information is obtained and published with the consent of the client of the advertisement who decides which information to publish. Images posted alongside advertisements are an integral part of the advertisement and are provided by the ad client.

BEST HOLIDAYS assumes no liability in connection with any loss incurred in renting a service advertised on the portal or through BEST HOLIDAYS, and completely disclaims any liability associated with the use of the portal in any way. It also disclaims liability for any activities of the portal users related to the use or misuse of the content on the portal, as well as any damages caused to the users or third parties related to the use or misuse of the content on the portal. At bestholidaysincroatia.com, we work with diligence, promptness, reliability and accessibility. Any disagreements will always be resolved by mutual agreement.

BEST HOLIDAYS reserves the right to exclude a user who, in any way, violates the portal’s Terms of Use, interferes with the portal’s operation or violates the rights of the bid advertiser and portal users, without the refund for an already paid advertisement. This applies in particular to a user who misuses published information or unauthorizedly uses the content of the portal in any way. All information and images on the portal are protected and are not allowed to be used, copied, published or otherwise disseminated without the prior written permission of BEST HOLIDAYS. In the event that the owner of the portal excludes such a user, the owner may also claim compensation for business damage or lost profits.

By filling out contact forms in advertisements for sending inquiries, you agree that your personal information submitted in this form may be processed for internal purposes. All portal users who fill out and submit the contact form for advertisements agree that they may be contacted by the owners of the advertisement and the authorized party of the BEST HOLIDAYS portal through the provided contact information.

The contact forms of each advertisment are intended solely for the purpose of sending inquiries regarding the booking of the tourist offer and additional information on the tourist offer. The use of forms for other purposes is not permitted, constitutes an abuse of bestholidaysincroatia.com and violates the Terms of Use. It is strictly forbidden to send advertising messages through contact forms of advertismets on the portal bestholidaysincroatia.com.

BEST HOLIDAYS reserves the right to change the content of bestholidaysincroatia.com and to add, modify or withdraw online services and Terms of Use without prior notice.

Any questions regarding our Terms of Use should be addressed to info@bestholidaysincroatia.com.

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